CL1000 Coagulation Analyzer

for Point of Care

  • Reliable results in 60 seconds(PT,INR)

  • Built-in QR code scanner

  • Single channel,easy operation

  • One drop of peripheral blood or venous whole blood

  • Compact size,held at hand

Test Menu

Performance PT INR APTT
Measurable Range 10-14 s 0.7-1.4 22-35 s
Detection Range 5.5-96 s 0.5-8 10-180 s

Instrument Specification

Display:3.5 inch Test Strip Specification: 6,12,24,48 tests/box
Barcide Scanner:QR code Scanner Shelf Life:12 months
Dimensions:145mm*75mm*30mm Transportation Temperature: -10℃-40℃
Net Weight:195g Type C port charging
Operating Temperature:10-32℃ Data Transfer:Bluebooth