Automatic Coagulation Analyzer



  • Highly integrated auto system
  • Original tube & autoloader


  • Precise control module
  • Three detection methods with high sensitivity


  • Independent STAT position
  • One position for multiple items


  • Anti-pollution system
  • One step cleaning & disinfection

Instrument Specification

3 detection methods Clotting, Chromogenic, Immunological (turbidimetric)
Test items
Clotting PT, APTT, TT, FIB
Chromogenic AT-Ⅲ, Anti-Xa
Immunological (turbidimetric) DD, FDP
Software System Linux
PT 220 tests/hour
DD 110 tests/hour
PT APTT FIB TT FIB 40 samples/hour
PPT APTT FIB TT FIB DD FDP 25 samples/hour
Sample Processing Dedicated STAT position, auto loader with test tube piercing
Temperature Control Sample incubation 37±0.5℃, reagent refrigeration 10±2℃
Testing Positions 12 detection positions, 32 incubation positions
Reagent Positions 29 reagent positions, with inclined design to reduce dead volume
Data Transmission LIS/HIS on LAN and RS-232
Data Management Software on PC
Communication Interface RS-232, USB, LAN
Dimension 660*660*560mm, 75Kg

Test Menu

Test Item Form Specification Package Remarks Qulification
PT(s) Liquid R: 5×5mL 250 Store at 2-8° NMPA
APTT (s) Liquid R1: 5×4mL, R2: 5×4mL 400 Store at 2-8° NMPA
TT (s) Liquid R: 5×5mL 330 Store at 2-8° NMPA
FIB (s) Liquid Thrombin: 5×5mL, Buffer: 2×50mL 500 Store at 2-8° NMPA
Immunological (turbidimetric)
DD (ug/ml ) Liquid R1: 5×5mL, R2: 5×5mL Diluent: 3*5ml 330 Store at 2-8° NMPA
FDP (ug/ml ) Liquid R1: 5×5mL, R2: 5×5mL Diluent: 3×5mL 250 Store at 2-8° NMPA
AT-III ( % ) Liquid R1: 2×15mL, R2: 2×3mL Diluent: 2×10mL 170 Store at 2-8° NMPA
Anti- Xa (%) Freeze-dried R1: 1×4mL, R2: 1×4mL Diluent: 1×20mL 50 Store at 2-8°, R1 and R2 should be redissolved with purified water NMPA