Blood Gas Analyzer


All-in-one Cartridge:

  • No fluidics in instrument, maintenance free
  • Self-contained calibration, cleaning solution and biohazard waste collection pack
  • Optimized cartridge design minimizes clot formation

Easy Operation:

  • Touch-screen with intuitive prompts
  • Simple 4-step process, easy to use
  • Supports HL7 protocol for LIS/HIS

High Efficiency:

  • Revolutionary microsensor technology, 33 parameters in only 60 seconds
  • Automatic calibration and continuous system performance monitoring
  • Built in printer, print results automatically after detection

Ultimate Flexibility:

  • Compact size for various units (ICU, ED, OR, etc.)
  • Convenient handle, easy to carry
  • Built-in battery, 4 hours back-up

Instrument Specification

Category Specification
Throughput Results in 60 seconds after sample aspiration
Sample Volume 150µL
Operation Environment 10 °C - 31 °C
Power Supply AC 100-240V, 50Hz/60Hz
Dimensions & Net Weight 260 * 270 * 410 mm, 9.5Kg
Display 10.4-inch color LCD touch screen display, resolution 1024*768
Battery Lithium-ion battery 14.8v / 6500mAh
Accessory Barcode scanner
Interface 4*USB 2.0 host, WLAN
Parameter 100000+ Tests
Communication Link Supports HL7 protocol for LIS/HIS

Test Menu

Measurement Parameters (10 ltems)

Parameter Unit Reportable Range Precision (CV)
pH 6.8-8.0 SD≤0.02
pO2 mmHg 20-600 CV≤7.5%
pCO2 mmHg 15-130 SD≤2.5mmHg
Na+ mmol/L 100-180 CV≤1.5%
K+ mmol/L 2.0-9.0 SD≤0.25mmol/L
Ca+ mmol/L 0.25-2.5 SD≤0.15mmol/L
ci- mmol/L 70-150 CV≤5%
Glu mmol/L 1.1-27 CV≤5%
Lac mmol/L 0.3-17 CV≤7.5%
Hct %PCV 20%-70% CV≤3%

Calculation Parameters (23 items)

cH+, cH+(T), pH(T), pCO2(T), pO2(T), HCO3-act, HCO3-std, BB(B), BE(B), BE(ecf), CtCO2, Ca++(7.4), sO2(est), AnGap, tHb(est), pO2(A-a), pO2(A-a) (T), pO2(a/A), pO2(a/A) (T), RI, Rl(T), pO2/FIO2, pO2(T)/FIO2


1. Choose items and click "Start" to take the test.

2.Auto aspirate the sample to be tested.

3.Scan or enter patient ID.

4.Wait for 60s and print test results.