The Charm of EasyDiagnosis Blooms at MEDICA 2022
News time: 2022-11-18


On November 14th, Medica, the world's largest medical trade exhibition, was grandly launched in Dusseldorf. 

More than 4,400 companies from more than 70 countries participated in the exhibition. Compared with the resumption of offline exhibitions last year, the exhibition area increased by 40%. Exhibiting industries range from laboratory technology and equipment to physiotherapy and orthopedic technology, medical consumables, and high-tech medical solutions. In the context of the ups and downs of the global epidemic, the medical technology industry needs a strong international exchange, cooperation and business platform. At this year's Medica site, the grand occasion of raising one's sleeves to the cloud was reproduced.


Since its establishment in 2008, EasyDiagnosis has been forging ahead for 14 years, focusing on the independent research and development, production and sales of in vitro diagnostic products, and providing medical informatization overall solutions based on five centers and third-party medical testing services. The products have been sold to more than 50 countries around the world, provided solutions to more than 7,000 medical institutions, and provided more than 2 billion COVID-19 test kits to domestic and foreign markets, contributing to the global fight against the epidemic!

It's time to march in! At the Medica international industry event, EasyDiagnosis is poised to make an appearance, competing with many global brands on the banks of the Rhine.

Medica has a total of 17 exhibition halls. EasyDiagnosis is in the No. 3 in IVD hall, and there are eye-catching landmark advertisements along the entrance, and you can quickly find 3F87. The technological blue of EasyDiagnosis on the booth and the smart breathing light at the bottom of the showcase are particularly    eye-catching. From the display window of COVID-19 solution, PT1000 Blood Gas analyzer, QPT1000 Real-Time PCR system, HB1000 glycosylated hemoglobin analyzer, QFT9000 Fluorescence Immunoassay Analyzer, CF10 Fully Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoassay Analyzer and CP800 Automatic Chemiluminescence Immunoanalyzer, all kinds of main products are on the stage. Düsseldorf, which is slightly chilly in the early winter, brings the fire of innovation.


On the first day of the exhibition,customers arrived as scheduled. Many customers have established a deep trust in EasyDiagnosis starting from the cooperation with the COVID-19 solution. They look forward to extending the cooperation to other products and establishing a comprehensive win-win situation. The EasyDiagnosis brand has taken root in the hearts of customers.


The most popular blood gas analysis platform PT1000 on the booth, since its launch in 2019, as China's first wet card package integrated blood gas analysis platform, has attracted a lot of attention from the market. With its innovative product model of automatic sample suction and card package integration, it greatly meets the clinical needs and fully demonstrates the strong technical strength of EasyDiagnosis as the leader in the field of intelligent diagnosis! Our sales director from the United States answered visitors' questions in detail, from technical parameters to application scenarios.


The rapid fluorescent PCR analyzer QPT1000, which has four major characteristics of multi-well positions, convenient operation, easy-to-use, and free selection, is a major breakthrough and layout of EasyDiagnosis in the molecular field, especially in recent years. market attention. Due to its applicability to multiple scenarios such as fever clinics, primary hospitals, customs, disease control, central laboratories, pet hospitals, etc., it is very popular in Medica.

At present, the proportion of Chinese elements in Medica is increasing day by day, with more and more varieties, the favor of domestic capital, and the introduction of returnees. Now is the best time for the entire medical industry to catch up with the world's advanced level, as long as we insist on increasing the volume , patiently respond to market changes, improve the international competitiveness of products, and believe that Chinese manufacturing will continue to amaze the world!

Looking to the future, our journey is a sea of stars. The development of EasyDiagnosis is not only fast, but also warm, and always adheres to the original intention of "Better Health for Everyone".

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