EasyDiagnosis×CACLP 2024 | Medical charm blooms in Chongqing

On March 16th, the prestigious 21st CACLP (China International Expo for In-Vitro Diagnostics and Laboratory Medicine) commenced at Chongqing International Expo Center. Esteemed as the flagship event in the field of in-vitro diagnostics, this CACLP drew over 1,300 prominent domestic and international IVD companies.

Consistent with its innovative approach, EasyDiagnosis participated under the theme "Aicare Smart Healthcare Solutions: Empowering Public Hospital Quality Development". EasyDiagnosis showcased its comprehensive range of strategic products and intelligent healthcare solutions in the Central Hall.

Innovation Leading
Transformative Solutions

During the exhibition, EasyDiagnosis proudly presented Aicare Smart Healthcare Solution at a buzzing launch event attended by CACLP Founder Prof. Haibo Song, industry experts, and EasyDiagnosis President Ms. Lili Chen. The spotlight was on three core components: Regional Pre-Hospital Emergency Care, Five Major Centers for Acute and Critical Illnesses, and an Integrated Emergency Response Platform.


Aicare's pioneering Regional Pre-Hospital Emergency Solution equips ambulances with POCT diagnostic devices, enabling a rapid one-tube blood test analyzing 14 indicators in just 9 minutes, thereby enhancing pre-hospital precision diagnosis. Combining AI and 5G technology, it supports cardiovascular emergency diagnoses and bridges the data gap between pre-hospital and in-hospital care. This innovation is expected to trigger an 8-billion-yuan market shift in ambulance upgrades and create a 1-billion-yuan annual market for onboard reagents.

Since 2017, EasyDiagnosis has been at the forefront of the acute and critical illness markets, demonstrating foresight in adapting to industry trends. The extensive experience led to the development of innovative solutions, including multi-center solutions, regional acute illness rescues systems, and specialized ICU solutions.

Gathering in Mountain City
Discussing the Future of the Industry

EasyDiagnosis's booth drew immense popularity. The booth was divided into three thematic zones to showcase EasyDiagnosis's various solutions in a holistic and collaborative manner. The Aicare Smart Healthcare Solutions section stood out, featuring three distinct parts: Regional Pre-Hospital Emergency, Acute and Critical Illness Prevention and Control Platform, and the Medical Consortium Emergency Response Platform. Each area was clearly arranged, accurately demonstrating EasyDiagnosis's solutions for corresponding scenarios.


In the Innovation Product Display Area, EasyDiagnosis showcased industry-leading molecular diagnostics solutions, particularly focusing on infectious disease control and pathogen identification. The rapid diagnosis kit for tNTS infections exemplifies exceptional expertise in the field. Since 2022, EasyDiagnosis has been at the forefront of innovation by integrating third-generation sequencing technology into targeted nanopore sequencing method for tNTS detection in five crucial infection areas. This pioneering approach has dramatically reduced testing time to just six hours, thereby enhancing the management and treatment of unexplained infections among critically ill patients with greater speed and accuracy.

Moreover, EasyDiagnosis debuted an automated infectious pathogen diagnostic solution, a collaborative effort developed alongside premier domestic medical teams. This groundbreaking solution sets new benchmarks for the application of third-generation sequencing technology in diagnostics.

Simultaneously, EasyDiagnosis has forged strategic partnerships, presenting joint innovative products alongside Boin Hearing—a company backed by Mingxi Capital—and Huchuang Union.


Moreover, the home scenario section within our booth was especially vibrant and thronged with visitors. Our showcased range of nutritional food items garnered significant attention, attracting a substantial number of enthusiastic attendees who eagerly flocked to taste and interact with these products. 

As the curtains close on CACLP 2024, EasyDiagnosis has indelibly etched its mark on attendees with a striking presence. Bolstered by this success, EasyDiagnosis is now more resolved than ever to capitalize on its accomplishments and remains steadfastly committed to pioneering innovation. The dedication is channeled into offering top-tier healthcare solutions that consistently exceed customer expectations. The triumph at CACLP has solidified a robust foundation for future progress and groundbreaking achievements.