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Human Adenovirus DNA Real Time Diagnostic Kit

1,FAST : 34 mins to get PCR result
2,PERFORMANCE : LOD: 200 copies/mL , CV≤5%
3,RELIABLE : Reagent freeze-drying ,can be transported at room temperature
Product Brief:

[Product name]   Human Adenovirus DNA Real Time Diagnostic Kit

[Intended use] Adenovirus is the non-enveloped virus with an icosahedral nucleocapsid containing a double stranded DNA genome, which causes infections in a variety of vertebrates, including humans. The infection can lead to a variety of clinical manifestations and diseases in human, including respiratory diseases (such as common cold, bronchitis, pneumonia), digestive tract diseases, conjunctivitis, cystitis and so on.

[Storage conditions and Validity]  Store at 2-30℃, protect from light. The validity period is 12 months

[Instruments applied] ABI 7500 Real-Time Fluorescent Quantitative PCR ,LightCycler® 480, Gentier 96 Real-Time PCR System,System,QPT1000 Real-time PCR system

[Specimens] Oropharyngeal swab and nasopharyngeal swab

Product Specifications:

 Specifications  48 tests/kit,96 tests/kit.


 Human Adenovirus DNA Real Time Diagnostic Kit

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