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QPT1000 Real-Time PCR System

Flexible, fast and efficient high-efficiency use
Sensitive testing and accurate results
Simple operation and intelligent analysis
Product Brief:

Product Theory:
Directed at molecular target, this product adopts special temperature sequence for chain amplification reaction, and the amplification target molecule is labeled with luminous enzyme. After that, the luminescence signal is collected to determine the number of amplified molecular targets, and the number of molecular targets before amplification is deduced by intelligent algorithm Supports molecular level detection of virus, including COVID-2019
Small and can be moved and operated by one person
Application Scenarios: hospitals, outdoors and field operations

Product Features:
Sensitivity: Advanced optical inspection system to realize high-sensitivity fluorescence detection                                                                                                                      Accuracy: High-efficiency and stable temperature control system to realize accurate and rapid control of temperature rise and drop
Rapidity: Independent module control mode to realize differential amplification program and improve the detection efficiency
Intelligence: Advanced software system to realize intelligent operation and result analysis

Product Specifications:

 External dimensions: 398mm x 255mm x 272mm

Weight: <10kg

Touch Display Screen: 10.1-inch TFT, Capacitive Touch

Operating System: Linux System

Detection Channel: 2/4/8-Channel(optional), Each Channel Can Realize Independent Detection

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