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Mobile Shelter PCR Lab

1.Short Construction Period
2.Solution to The Problem of Tight Space in Medical Institutions, covers an area of 28 square meters
3.Reduction of Impact on The Existing Functions of The Hospitals
4.Recycle and Reuse Resource
Product Brief:

1. There is no need to rebuild existing laboratories

2. Base on standard freight containers, the core function room, equipment area, and medical waste storage room are integrated and set up in strict accordance with the requirments of P2(BSL-2) biosafety laboratory

3. The treatmeng systems for effluent and exhaust gas form an independent biological safety environment

4. Procurement and production cycles are short, only need about 20 days from the order to arrival of goods, and it only takes one day to finish site installation

5. it can be moved as a whole, if necessary, it also disposition integrally as a whole

6. It is easy to upgrade, and can be equipped with clinical immunochemistry and other modular laboratories for upgrading of testing capacity and integrates fever clinics

7.It enables basic testing equipment, which can test about 600-2000 samples every day(8 hours)

8.It is equipped with temporary storage box for medical waste, non-contact intelligent throwing, automatic temperature control, and ultraviolet sterilization

9.Body Size:Length12m * Width2.35m * Height2.70m


Product Specifications:
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